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"In order to reinvent my business,
I realized I had to reinvent myself."

(Rodrigo Baggio, Founder of CDI, Brazil)



ADN is a leading Social Technology aiming on personal and general Social Innovation in a growing Social Economy creating Social Edge. ADN is a landmark for a paradigm shift in education catalysing collaboration for miniature as well as large-scale change, counterbalancing the Innovation Crisis. Are already too much novelties and too many ideas?

Formal education cannot teach success in the business world, whatever your "business" might be. The only education that works reliably is the education of experience. Experience experience as a Serious Game. Participate and play seriously based on the principles of Abundance, Diversification, Novelty, Challenge & Transformative Play.

You already know the ropes in business & life (either the hard or the easy way) and there is still something missing? You want to contribute something which will not turn into ashes within 5 years?

Providing sustainable thought and interaction.


Today change penetrates all areas of life, as local and global interaction gets more and more complex. Coping with complex dynamic problems and finding purpose and meaning in product, ideas and your own life requires constant personal reinvention. Primarily this means being up to date with whats going on in this complex accelerating world as well as forming distinguished social competencies - like letting go and constructively doing nothing.


The human future requires playful universalists with profound knowledge and understanding of the current multidisciplinary leading edge in Arts, Design, Philosophy, Technology and Social Interaction who can act as powerful revitalists. Are you one of the new minds to dynamically build innovative bridges to create sustainable change, meaning and empathy?


# How do you lead diversification in both traditional and high risk areas?
# How do you explore your own utopian potential?
# How do you personally gain new ways for generating "novelty", avoiding old-fashioned seminar-indoctrination and/or high-cost expertise?
# How do you effectively counterbalance the acceleration of life and being overwhelmed by options?


ADN is an applied creativity laboratory, a talent incubator and an experimental surrounding for people in search for unconventional thinking, action, inaction, meaning and a boost in imagination in order to

# re-energize their business
# conduct philanthropic change
# cope with personal reinvention
# co-create meaningful interaction and novel ideas
# transform business into social venture or technology into counter-culture

Find novelty in yourself. We offer gameful dynamics and methods for a moving mindset. And we help you to get the right kind of inspiration, information and state-of-the-art tools at the right time.

We accompany the participants along their research path as well as they accompany us. The quest is not for "knowledge", "management techniques" or "short term idea squeezing" but for a sustainable long-term perspective of valuable personal reinvention. Maybe just minor, but important shifts - shifts which could change the world...

Move your Mind.

Be Cause.

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