"The role of play is not to work comfortably within it´s own structures but rather constantly to develop it´s structures through play."

[James S. Hans (1981) The Play of The World. MIT Press, Boston; p. 5]


What if we take David Fincher´s "The Game" seriously and we cordially invite you to a mindbending customized experience of a lifetime? You do not have to be a Millonaire to take part, but the ambition to change something. But do not expect us to make a Hollywood movie out of your write your own story – NOW...


It is a serious challenge. There are always risky, new markets and there are always traditional schemes which seem to be comforting and securing. How do we step out of our own schemes of understanding? How do we stop repeating secured and standardised patterns & standard frequencies? Where do we find the right kind of boundaries to transcend them?

Novelty is to be found, but first find out what to look for.

The ADN is a non-profit social economy adventure where your time and effort is our currency – and the world is our playground.

The social media era forces serious understanding and practice of cross-referencing multimodal information and knowledge. It´s hard to track all disciplines and emerging knowledge fields which might have a positive impact on your personal development. It even harder to cover all the "old" concepts which have been accumulated by humanity so far.

We offer information and dynamics for a moving mindset, a taste.

"Venture philanthropy" is the one new metaphor for personally doing the right thing concerning investments. “Game” seems to be the next metaphor for business and education - we take that more than serious in creating a customized interactive real-life experience without just telling you stories.

Those with a will for philanthropic change in business- and life innovation are accompanied along their research path by unruly challengers as well as leading rebels in business, arts, communication and science, blurring the boundaries of culture, lifestyle and expertise as a transformative playful experience. How far are you daring to go?

It could mean transgressing the traditional borders between a diverse range of methods for shaping ideas and actively DOING inspiring things with others, as well as finding REASONS for doing these things together, even if they seem irrational.

ADN is not for everyone.

Try to convince us.

As you may imagine, we have a very limited capacity for providing exeptional customized experiences. Apply in your own manner why we should consider you. Send e.g. text, pictures, video etc. and your choice of inital role (the card you clicked to get here) to: