"Doing nothing is better than
being busy doing nothing."

Lao Tzu



Actively doing nothing is our declared antidote in a world of growth and everyday growing complexity.

The remedy for the masses, workers and jobless alike is - a certain culture of idleness.

People need to think and feel first and then act. The market pushes people to have no time and space anymore for assessing their present and future thoroughly.

We suggest we all should take that time.

To digest novelty. To create meaning with innovation. To diminish pressure.

We help you to reduce your MTBF (Meantime Between Flashes) significantly.

We research internationally where and how "idleness" and "doing nothing" turn out to be constructive, helpful and augmenting the Quality of Life (QoL).

# 0 Kelvin Effect - develop a mental supra-conducting capability
# Developing a personal compass
# Facilitating personal metamorphosis through getting into the pupal or resting stage – fostering inner growth to create enough meaning to break through


Not entirely nothing. Nothing as the cradle of inspiration - the something, your something which you need to give birth to. Nothing is not about meditation, a work on getting rid of a certain state of business of thought. Not about sleeping, even though rest is important and should be used as an awareness and tool. Not about achieving nothing or wanting nothing.

Actively doing nothing means switching the mental gearbox to neutral.

We prescribe doing nothing to facilitate something - the focus on incubating the right ideas, the right change, not just the quick and superficial one.

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