ADN is based "now-here" and mentally located "in between".

It has temporary facilities in Vienna, Berlin, Dublin, Singapore, Kauaii, Cocos Islands and Hong Kong, being mobile to relocate teams together with relevant infrastructure to hot spots/areas within 48 hours. 

We are a process in transit, enabling the right kind of atmosphere in the right place at the right time. As architectural pirates and change facilitators for philanthropic learning we develop with you how to foster your inspirational space and personal evolution. Therefore, even the transit areas, which normally play a secondary or insignificant role, have been given due attention. They act as places for contemplation and communication between people, history, nature and future opportunities; playgrounds which encourage and enable dialogue between rebellious minds from different backgrounds.

ADN also researches space as a necessary factor for change and novelty creation. Therefore we work closely with architects and space innovators to promote their ideas for innovative spaces enabling and supporting our processes of transformation. This will lead into the construction of an experimental architecture we call "Omphalos" which will be designed as docking bay for our activities. As a concentrated landmark for our princples including our Digital Interactive Services and recreation areas it may serve as a role model for enhancing the three pillars of innovation: People, Places, Processes.