ADN is an evolving social (ad)venture – a sustainable positive impact on society and the individual. The individually crafted research experience about novelty within the ADN process services a wide variety of social causes and disciplines such as economics, social or environmental sciences.

ADN’s aim is to grasp the future by giving innovative exposure to cultural or scientific projects which open a window onto tomorrow’s world.

ADN will bring together visionaries, innovators and creative entrepreneurs from diverse disciplines to explore and drive the impact of novelty on society and business in a sharing economy.

ADN will be co-created by invited guests from all over the world, called upon for their future-focused minds and unconventional ideas and unruly attitude towards change. The association commits itself to the principles of co-evolution, where attendees are active participants and the boundaries between expert and participant are fluid.

ADN`s goal during the whole DISCOVERY process is to advance pathbreaking projects guided by a co-evolution catalysed by open interaction principles enabling personal innovation - a journey.