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"If everyone is thinking alike,
then someone isn`t thinking."

General George Patton



Education is one the most serious challenges for society. The old academic systems may be to narrowminded and slow for upcoming creative young people, the so called "digital natives". Education needs to be innovated, so why shouldn´t the students take the task in their own hands? ADN helps to provide the grounds and dynamics for that.

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A "Pyro", that is someone who has been trained in ADN as being a "Swiss army knife" of creativity. A Pyro is literate in various tools for developing and implementing ideas - an expertise in unconventional thought coupled with the empowerment to make him or her indispensable. Pyros have engaged with creativity intensively during their education as well as with creativity techniques and coaching. That means they are not just extremely versatile personalities but also able to guide creative activity and make the resulting ideas tangible, presentable and "sellable".

Do not complain about the system – develop your own.

The Learning Architects of the ADN playfully provide the means how to learn for yourself - without being left alone. Complexity is a challenge especially in a knowledge society amassing interconnectivity. Knowledge means not just to know where to look for, but also how to combine elements of knowledge in a meaningful way. Knowledge itself is useless unless it gets applied to other knowlegde or action, forming a meaningful network of semiotic domains.

If you act, you change the system. You change your own education, the way you learn, the way you perceive.

As an effect you also change the process called ADN. You restructure how the dynamics work, maybe you alter the course, maybe you influence style, maybe your acts just change details or the overall picture. All derives from your actions and responding interactions.

"The promise of games for education, from our perspective, lies in their ability to transform learning from the rote acquisition of facts and concepts to a more meaningful type of literacy—one that is steeped in legitimate practices as part of rich contexts... enlisting games as curricular contexts is not simply porting content into this powerful media but, instead, involves developing a new genre of participation that brings together games and education to establish an embodied curriculum through which students become immersed in doing learning.”

[Conceptual Play Spaces - Richard E. Ferdig in Handbook of Research on Effective Electronic Gaming in Education, Idea Group Reference, p. 1006]

We won´t try to indoctrinate you. 

We provide a playground.

As you may imagine, we have a very limited capacity for providing alternative educational experiences for exeptional young inspirators. Apply in your own manner why we should consider you. Send (e.g. text, pictures, video etc.) to:

<< PYRO Einführung (Introduction in German) (.pdf, 520KB)